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12 Nov , 2015,
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I have decided to do a product review on stores that sell engagement rings. This post is based on the store I went to first to have a look at buying an engagement ring for my fiancée.


Product Review- The Forever Diamond

Initially when I was thinking about purchasing a diamond ring for my fiancé , the first thing that popped into my head was heading down to my local high street retailer. Which is exactly what I did, now I am going to go through the product which caught my eye called the forever diamond from H S Samuels. One of the most popular high street retailers for diamond rings, but more importantly why I am glad I never bought it.


Why Its not worth going to the High Street Retailer

Based on what is advertised on the picture below, anybody who was new to buying a diamond ring would think that the forever diamond was actually a good deal. Yes the price is good, but as the saying goes “you pay for what you get”.

I was actually very close to buying this diamond ring myself, until I did a little research to discover it wasn’t as good as the jeweller made out. The only information displayed about the diamond are the carat size (2/5) being 0.4 carats  and the ring setting was made out of 18 carat white gold.


hs samuel



Even though it states that the diamond is certified by IGI, not many people would know what this is let alone ask to see the certificate, well I did ask to see the certificate and here is what it stated.

Carat: 0.39 carats, which is technically not to 2/5 th’s of a carat.

Colour: F- A colourless grade which is actually quite good.

Cut: Round brilliant shape – Grading unknown I think they have stated this on the certificate as finish being good/ very good,  which is very unclear.

Clarity: L1– Diamond is included therefore, may have minor eye-visible inclusions. (Poor)



Therefore the overall the quality of the diamond is considered below your average, I don’t believe the cut of the diamond was any better then a average cut which is classified as a (Good cut) which is the lowest acceptable grade  as it really did not have that much of a sparkle.

Also the certification was from IGI which is not one of the most well known certified Gemological labs, however still acceptable.

For a £1000 this is what you get, as I mentioned earlier ” you pay for what you get”, have a look at my Best buys – Top 10 Diamond rings page, for real quality diamonds at competitive prices.


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