Lab Created Vs Natural Diamond

16 Nov , 2015,
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I’m going to briefly go through the difference between a lab created vs natural diamond. a lab created diamond  is a diamond which has been improved cosmetically to make it look more appealing then its natural state. These diamonds are enhanced to improve any eye visible inclusions, which make the diamond look visually more appealing.

















So why are they Cheaper? 

There cheaper due to the fact that they are of a very low Clarity and have visible inclusions which make the diamond less appealing and unattractive.  Therefore when being enhanced, the inclusions are filled in with a similar glass type material, to make the diamond appear more visually appealing. This enhancement can improve the diamonds clarity by up to two grades. There cheaper because they are no longer classified as a natural diamond and they have been modified and therefore unnatural.

What’s the difference 

Well with a natural diamond at least you know what your getting, also with a natural diamond you know 100% the diamond will be Certified  by GIA. Yes the enhanced diamond is cheaper however due it to it being enhanced , not only is this not a true reflection of its beauty. It also devalues the diamond therefore i would personally not recommend buying an enhanced diamond if you want it to be perfect.

Also dependent on the method of enhancement, this can be reversible and irreversible. There are two types

Laser Drilling

This is a method used to remove small dark inclusions within the diamond, Involves drilling a small hole into the diamond and burning away the inclusion or creating a tunnel through where a bleaching agent can be used to improve the appearance.

Fracture Filling

A glass like substance injected into the inclusions, to make it less visible and improve the stones apparent clarity. Good fracture filling has to examined by a skilled diamond grader to detect its presence in a stone.


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