Engagement Ring Price Guide

25 Feb , 2016,
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So by now you’re most likely craving for the specifics and especially how much this perfect diamond ring is going to cost you. Well don’t panic because I’ll show you how to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Now as previously mentioned Bluenile.com, you can individually select the diamond and the setting. Therefore you can have a very standard setting with a beautiful well cut diamond. Or alternatively a very bling setting to compliment the centre piece diamond.

The 4 C’s

So let’s start with selecting the perfect diamond, but remember to read through all the 4 C’s, so you know exactly what you are selecting.





Once you have chosen a diamond you are happy with, go on to select the setting you would like your diamond to be set with.

Once you have chosen a diamond and a setting you will have a very competitive price from Blue nile.com. Remember Blue Nile are an online Jewellery specialist, therefore they can provide you with cheaper rates as they have lower overheads in comparison to most high street retailers.

Now if you want to compare these prices with High street diamonds this can be done easily, by printing off the specification off the diamond and visiting the high street retailer to see what they have on offer that is similar.

But I would honestly highly recommend you buy your diamond and setting online for the most competitive price. You know exactly what you’re getting and also there is a money back guarantee with bluenile.com.

I was so impressed with the diamond engagement ring I purchased for my fiancé from BlueNile.com. Please see specification below with the cost of how much I paid exactly. And the specification of the diamond with extra pictures.

Diamond Engagement Ring Price From Blue Nile.Com

Cathedral Pave Diamond Engagement Ring in 18k White Gold

blue nile



Cut: Brilliant Signature Ideal (Hearts and Arrows Cut)

Carat: 0.54

Clarity: VVS2

Colour: F



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