Diamond Ring Setting Designs

14 Aug , 2015,
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So you’ve made the decision to buy a diamond ring, however whilst looking at what is available there are so many different diamond ring setting designs to choose from. Now remember the Engagement ring, Traditionally speaking is a solitaire, whereas the Wedding ring is traditionally a band.

Diamond Ring Setting Designs….

As you can imagine there are a variety of rings you can choose from, with a number of different retailers, I am going to briefly explain the different type of settings available.


The Traditional Solitaire Diamond Ring. (Simple and Classy)

So if your looking for something simple and classy the traditional Solitaire setting would be your best bet, these type of rings will really stand out with any diamond which has a carat above 0.5. Due to the simplicity of the setting, the diamond really does stand out as a the centre piece.


Sidestone Setting


If you want the extra wow factor and don’t mind spending a little extra on the setting, you can go for the Side stone setting. Not only does this setting highlight the diamond in the centre, it also compliments the centre piece with the diamonds on each side. However I would recommend going for 0.5 and above for the centre diamond, so the side stones don’t take attention away from the centre piece.


The HALO Setting

 Classic Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

Another option which is quite popular is the Halo setting, with the right diamond this setting gives an illusion which make the centre diamond, look as much as half a carat bigger. The halo ring is a setting which encircles a centre gemstone in a collection of round pave or micro pave diamonds. Once again nothing below a 0.5 of a carat if you want the diamond to really stand out and sparkle!


Three Stone Setting

 Trio Princess Cut Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

Now if you really want to make a statement and show how much you love your fiancé, then you can go for a three stone setting. This would be the most expensive of them all and really does make a statement. Ideally the two side stones would have to be 0.45 of a carat + and the centre piece at least 0.5 of a carat. in order for the setting to look in proportion.


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