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11 Nov , 2015,
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What is a Diamond Certificate Anyway?

I am going to briefly discuss Certified diamonds diamond certification laboratories.

Diamond Certifications are issued by gemological laboratory which is independent and accredited.  The certificate states the carat weight and measurements as well as grades for the diamonds Cut, Colour and Clarity.

Making sure your diamond comes with a certificate, is very important. not only will the insurance company require this to insure your ring for a replacement value. But most importantly it is used to document the specification of the diamond, in particular The 4 C’s. Also if the diamond was to come without a certificate, this could be due to the diamond being enhanced and the jeweller knows an inspection would reveal the true condition of the diamond. Diamonds can be treated for the colour cut and clarity, these treatments deteriorate the overall quality and value of the stone.

Any real quality diamond will come with a certificate, however there are a few different certifications. Therefore I will explain briefly the different types you should receive with your diamond. The most reputable certifications are a s follows.


Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

GIA is considered to be the industry standard and is the most widely used and trusted name in the diamond trade.


American Gemological Society (AGS)

 AGS is well known for its in depth research for diamond colour grades and is considered superior for colour grades in comparison to GIA.



HRD, EGL, IGI and CIBJO are not as well known, however a certificate from any of these agencies is a solid proof that you will not end up with a poor quality diamond.

As a general rule of thumb, you should not buy diamonds with certificates more then three years old, because like everything else diamonds are prone to wear and tear and they can also crack, chip and scratch during the course of there lifetime. Therefore a certificate which is more then three years old will not reflect the true condition of the diamond and wear and tear it has endured during the course of its lifetime.


GIA Certificate Example




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