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Ring Size Chart Printable Ring Sizer

12 Jan , 2016,
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One thing I didn’t get right when purchasing the diamond ring, was the ring size. I randomly asked my fiancée what ring size she was and took her word for it, big mistake!

Free Ring Size Chart Printable Ring Sizer

On the link below I have included a link to a free printable ring size chart from Blue

Please click here












How Much To Spend On Engagement Ring ?

21 Dec , 2015,

How much to spend on Engagement Ring?  how much do you spend ? There is no right or wrong answer here, but in order to secure the perfect diamond it will cost a reasonable amount. When I went through the process of purchasing my Fiancée’s ring, every person I spoke too, kept saying to me ” You have to spend 3 months wages” giving me a subtle heart attack in the process.

But on a more serious note you can purchase a decent ring for around £1500,00. It is a lot of money, however this is one purchase that is going to last a lifetime. Therefore getting something on the cheap, isn’t an option because as the saying goes “You pay for what you get”.

There really is no point compromising on the price, you could probably walk into your local high street retailer and purchase a ring for around £1000. however I can almost guarantee you, the diamond will not be certified. If it is then will be of low quality.

Here is where I can help you, Not only secure a ring for a reasonable price but without compromising on quality or size.

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The Best Online Diamond Retailer

8 Dec , 2015,
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The Best Online Diamond Retailer 

If you’re looking for the best online diamond retailer, then look no further. So if you have read through a few pages on my website, you will have picked up the fact that I advise buying online in order to get a competitive price and a high-quality diamond. The best online diamond retailer would have to be Not only did I purchase my fiancés ring from BlueNile. But I was also provided with an excellent service and peace of mind that I had a 30-day money back guarantee.

Also, somehow I managed to get the ring size wrong. By taking my fiancée’s word for it without actually getting her ring finger measured for size. BlueNile provided me with a free resizing service and they also offer to service the ring free of charge every 6 months.

BlueNile is very flexible in terms of customisation of your ring. You can order the diamond loose or choose the exact setting and diamond you like. They then combine the two together to create your perfect diamond ring. The best thing about it is, you can select the specification of the diamond and setting. Then purchase a ring which suits your budget and specification. Also, their Diamonds are all Certified by GIA, therefore you know exactly what you are getting and for insurance purposes you know the exact specification of your diamond.

They also offer a diamond price guarantee, they will either match or beat the price of any competitor. Even better they offer a diamond upgrade program. If you want to swap your diamond for a bigger one at a later date. This is exactly why I chose to buy from Blue

Need Help? 

If you have any questions or would like any help with selecting the perfect diamond, please leave a comment below. 

Also feel free to take a look at my handpicked selection of Top 10 Diamond Engagement Rings!

The Best Online Diamond Retailer

The Best Online Diamond Retailer



Lab Created Vs Natural Diamond

16 Nov , 2015,
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I’m going to briefly go through the difference between a lab created vs natural diamond. a lab created diamond  is a diamond which has been improved cosmetically to make it look more appealing then its natural state. These diamonds are enhanced to improve any eye visible inclusions, which make the diamond look visually more appealing.

















So why are they Cheaper? 

There cheaper due to the fact that they are of a very low Clarity and have visible inclusions which make the diamond less appealing and unattractive.  Therefore when being enhanced, the inclusions are filled in with a similar glass type material, to make the diamond appear more visually appealing. This enhancement can improve the diamonds clarity by up to two grades. There cheaper because they are no longer classified as a natural diamond and they have been modified and therefore unnatural.

What’s the difference 

Well with a natural diamond at least you know what your getting, also with a natural diamond you know 100% the diamond will be Certified  by GIA. Yes the enhanced diamond is cheaper however due it to it being enhanced , not only is this not a true reflection of its beauty. It also devalues the diamond therefore i would personally not recommend buying an enhanced diamond if you want it to be perfect.

Also dependent on the method of enhancement, this can be reversible and irreversible. There are two types

Laser Drilling

This is a method used to remove small dark inclusions within the diamond, Involves drilling a small hole into the diamond and burning away the inclusion or creating a tunnel through where a bleaching agent can be used to improve the appearance.

Fracture Filling

A glass like substance injected into the inclusions, to make it less visible and improve the stones apparent clarity. Good fracture filling has to examined by a skilled diamond grader to detect its presence in a stone.


Stores That Sell Engagement Rings….

12 Nov , 2015,
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I have decided to do a product review on stores that sell engagement rings. This post is based on the store I went to first to have a look at buying an engagement ring for my fiancée.


Product Review- The Forever Diamond

Initially when I was thinking about purchasing a diamond ring for my fiancé , the first thing that popped into my head was heading down to my local high street retailer. Which is exactly what I did, now I am going to go through the product which caught my eye called the forever diamond from H S Samuels. One of the most popular high street retailers for diamond rings, but more importantly why I am glad I never bought it.


Why Its not worth going to the High Street Retailer

Based on what is advertised on the picture below, anybody who was new to buying a diamond ring would think that the forever diamond was actually a good deal. Yes the price is good, but as the saying goes “you pay for what you get”.

I was actually very close to buying this diamond ring myself, until I did a little research to discover it wasn’t as good as the jeweller made out. The only information displayed about the diamond are the carat size (2/5) being 0.4 carats  and the ring setting was made out of 18 carat white gold.


hs samuel



Even though it states that the diamond is certified by IGI, not many people would know what this is let alone ask to see the certificate, well I did ask to see the certificate and here is what it stated.

Carat: 0.39 carats, which is technically not to 2/5 th’s of a carat.

Colour: F- A colourless grade which is actually quite good.

Cut: Round brilliant shape – Grading unknown I think they have stated this on the certificate as finish being good/ very good,  which is very unclear.

Clarity: L1– Diamond is included therefore, may have minor eye-visible inclusions. (Poor)



Therefore the overall the quality of the diamond is considered below your average, I don’t believe the cut of the diamond was any better then a average cut which is classified as a (Good cut) which is the lowest acceptable grade  as it really did not have that much of a sparkle.

Also the certification was from IGI which is not one of the most well known certified Gemological labs, however still acceptable.

For a £1000 this is what you get, as I mentioned earlier ” you pay for what you get”, have a look at my Best buys – Top 10 Diamond rings page, for real quality diamonds at competitive prices.


Certified Diamonds Diamond Certification Laboratories

11 Nov , 2015,
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What is a Diamond Certificate Anyway?

I am going to briefly discuss Certified diamonds diamond certification laboratories.

Diamond Certifications are issued by gemological laboratory which is independent and accredited.  The certificate states the carat weight and measurements as well as grades for the diamonds Cut, Colour and Clarity.

Making sure your diamond comes with a certificate, is very important. not only will the insurance company require this to insure your ring for a replacement value. But most importantly it is used to document the specification of the diamond, in particular The 4 C’s. Also if the diamond was to come without a certificate, this could be due to the diamond being enhanced and the jeweller knows an inspection would reveal the true condition of the diamond. Diamonds can be treated for the colour cut and clarity, these treatments deteriorate the overall quality and value of the stone.

Any real quality diamond will come with a certificate, however there are a few different certifications. Therefore I will explain briefly the different types you should receive with your diamond. The most reputable certifications are a s follows.


Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

GIA is considered to be the industry standard and is the most widely used and trusted name in the diamond trade.


American Gemological Society (AGS)

 AGS is well known for its in depth research for diamond colour grades and is considered superior for colour grades in comparison to GIA.



HRD, EGL, IGI and CIBJO are not as well known, however a certificate from any of these agencies is a solid proof that you will not end up with a poor quality diamond.

As a general rule of thumb, you should not buy diamonds with certificates more then three years old, because like everything else diamonds are prone to wear and tear and they can also crack, chip and scratch during the course of there lifetime. Therefore a certificate which is more then three years old will not reflect the true condition of the diamond and wear and tear it has endured during the course of its lifetime.


GIA Certificate Example




The Cheapest Diamond Rings……

24 Sep , 2015,

Can I really buy a cheap diamond ring?  The answer is yes…

So you’ve made the decision to pop the question, you have a budget in mind for what you want to pay for the ring. But you want the best deal possible so you start searching for the cheapest diamond rings to see what you can get for your money.

Now I am going to be honest, you can buy a diamond ring for cheap. But don’t expect it to be high quality or have any wow factor. The reason I have to emphasise this point is, when I first thought of buying a diamond ring my sole decision was based only on price. I didn’t even know what other factors there were to consider.

What I am trying to say is don’t buy based on just price, this is a important factor, however not the most important when selecting the perfect diamond ring.

I am going to go through a few tips for how to bag the perfect diamond at a good price.

How To Get The Perfect Diamond Ring At A Good Price………



Search Online……

If you want to know exactly what you are getting when purchasing your diamond ring , I would recommend looking on line.  Most on line jewellers do not have overheads of having a Shop or any unnecessary costs. Therefore they pass their savings on to you and offer very competitive prices. Also you have the option to select the diamond as well as the diamond ring setting.

My personal recommendation for shopping for a diamond online would be


Avoid Anything Which Does Not Come With A Certificate….

There is a saying, if something is too good to be true then it normally is.

This is the case when walking into most high street retailers, where they display very reasonably priced diamond rings.  But if you ask to see the certificate, they don’t have one or alternatively show you a certificate which states the diamond is off very poor quality.

I would say you could use as a benchmark for what you should be paying for your ring based on the setting and diamond.

GIA_Certification Price Benchmark….

Once you have had a good look on and played around with the diamonds and the 4 C’s , the metal type and ring setting you will have a good idea of what you should be looking to pay to buy a ring which is value for money.

Diamond Ring Setting Designs

14 Aug , 2015,
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So you’ve made the decision to buy a diamond ring, however whilst looking at what is available there are so many different diamond ring setting designs to choose from. Now remember the Engagement ring, Traditionally speaking is a solitaire, whereas the Wedding ring is traditionally a band.

Diamond Ring Setting Designs….

As you can imagine there are a variety of rings you can choose from, with a number of different retailers, I am going to briefly explain the different type of settings available.


The Traditional Solitaire Diamond Ring. (Simple and Classy)

So if your looking for something simple and classy the traditional Solitaire setting would be your best bet, these type of rings will really stand out with any diamond which has a carat above 0.5. Due to the simplicity of the setting, the diamond really does stand out as a the centre piece.


Sidestone Setting


If you want the extra wow factor and don’t mind spending a little extra on the setting, you can go for the Side stone setting. Not only does this setting highlight the diamond in the centre, it also compliments the centre piece with the diamonds on each side. However I would recommend going for 0.5 and above for the centre diamond, so the side stones don’t take attention away from the centre piece.


The HALO Setting

 Classic Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

Another option which is quite popular is the Halo setting, with the right diamond this setting gives an illusion which make the centre diamond, look as much as half a carat bigger. The halo ring is a setting which encircles a centre gemstone in a collection of round pave or micro pave diamonds. Once again nothing below a 0.5 of a carat if you want the diamond to really stand out and sparkle!


Three Stone Setting

 Trio Princess Cut Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

Now if you really want to make a statement and show how much you love your fiancé, then you can go for a three stone setting. This would be the most expensive of them all and really does make a statement. Ideally the two side stones would have to be 0.45 of a carat + and the centre piece at least 0.5 of a carat. in order for the setting to look in proportion.


Platinum Vs White Gold Sterling Silver

Aug , 2015,
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So you have made the decision to buy her the ring, you have a rough idea of what you would like, but nothing for certain. You’re walking into the Jewellery store or browsing online and you see a variety of rings, all different sizes and colours, made from different metals.

This is where I’m going to help, with this platinum vs white gold sterling silver post, I’m going to go through briefly what each metal consists off and what would be the most cost effective and value for money, without compromising on quality and the perfect diamond.


Platinum is one of the most popular choices for engagement and wedding rings, Platinum has a white sheen and will never change colour or fade. Platinum also compliments the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond, platinum is made to last forever, therefore this is truly a symbol of everlasting love. Platinum will provide the most secure fit for your diamond, it is also a naturally a white metal, therefore no re plating is necessary, it will hold its beauty.



Gold is resistant from corrosion, rust and tarnish, gold is very strong however it can be sculptured into any shape quite easily. Pure gold itself is too soft to wear as everyday jewellery, therefore it has to be mixed with other metals like silver, copper and zinc in order to give it strength and durability.

Karatage followed by a number and a K, indicates how much metal has been mixed with the jewellery, this is stated in 24ths, therefore making 24k gold, 100%.

24 karat = 100% gold– Too soft for fine jewellery

22 karat = 91.7% gold– Too soft for fine jewellery

18 karat = 75.0% gold– Ideal for fine jewellery

14 karat = 58.3% gold– Ideal for fine jewellery

10 karat = 41.7% gold– Not acceptable for jewellery

The price of the gold jewellery is dependent upon the purity of the gold and the Karat weight, also taken into consideration is the market value of the gold the craftsmanship and design of the jewellery price.



Pure silver which is also known as fine silver is once again very soft and easy to sculpture, therefore it’s combined with other metals to give it more durability. The most popular is sterling silver which is a mixture of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

Most silver is stamped with a quality mark or fineness mark, the following quality marks are sterling, sterling silver, ster or .925.  Silver is the least expensive metal you can purchase a ring with, however does not hold much value. If you really want to make a statement with the ring I would highly recommend Gold or Platinum.