0.5 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

25 Feb , 2016,
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0.5 Carat Diamond 

Please see pictures below of my fiancées 0.5 carat diamond engagement ring, now from reading all of my previous content on my website you have probably heard me mention, to buy nothing less than 0.5 of a carat. This is due to the experience of looking at a variety of 0.5 carat diamond size engagement rings.

When looking at a diamond ring, you want the diamond to be the centre of attention. Some sites recommend the lowest to be around 0.3 of a carat in most settings, however, if you want the diamond to really stand out and show off its beauty.Then anything above 0.5 of a carat will be able to offer that wow factor with other people looking at the ring with admiration.

However don’t just go for size, remember to take into consideration the other factors Cut, Clarity and Colour. If you miss these out yes you will have a big diamond, but it will have no sparkle, look yellow rather than clear and also may have visible blemishes and I can assure you there will not be any wow factor. I believe that anything above 0.5 carats of a diamond will be more than sufficient to give your diamond ring that beautiful wow factor and sparkle! 

Below I have some pictures which I have taken off my fiancé’s ring, you may have seen a glimpse of this ring in my about me page. But here is a close up and a diamond which is beautiful. She absolutely loved it and was dazzled by the sparkle of the diamond, also when showing it to her friends and family. The Diamond which I ended up going for was based on the 4 C’S is as follows.


0.5 Carat Diamond Specification

Cut: Brilliant Signature Ideal (Hearts and Arrows Cut)

Carat: 0.54

Clarity: VVS2

Colour: F

Purchased from BlueNile.com 


0.5 Carat Diamond

0.5 Carat Diamond

0.5 Carat Diamond


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